Name: Andi

Age: 24

Birthday: April 11th (I'm a Typical Aries: Stubborn,
Impulsive, Passionate, Outspoken,
and a Natural Born Leader.. LOL)

Location: I'm a Canadian Cutie! ;)

Height: 5'3½" / 161 cm

Weight: 102 lbs / 46 kg

Piercings: Nose, Labret, and Industrial (in my ear).
I used to have my tongue and belly button pierced as well, but not anymore!

Tattoos: I've got Flounder from The Little Mermaid on the inside of my right ankle,
and on my back, I have the Aries symbol with a purple hibiscus flower..
That's how I came up with the logo for my site! ;)

Favorite My kitty "Mozart", Rockin' out on Guitar Hero/Rock Band, Shopping,
Things: Reading, taking Bubble Baths, and of course posing for sexy
pictures & making naughty videos! ;)

Dislikes: Cooking and Cleaning.. I need to find myself a man who will do
that for me! Any takers??? LOL
Sexual Orientation: I don't like to use labels, but I enjoy
both boys and girls. ;)

Turn-Ons: Anything that rides fast, plays loud, or could get me
into trouble. ;) Also, I'm a sucker for someone with
nice eyes, who can make me laugh. :)

Turn-Offs: Bad hygiene, liars, and vests.

Favorite Sex Toy: It has to be a tie between my curved G-spot vibrator,
and the Hitachi Wand! Both provide endless hours of fun! ;)

Favorite Sex Doggie Style! I love getting it from behind.. That's why
Position: I do so many bent over poses in my pics!
Enjoy the view! ;)
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